Part 4: Service Manager 2016 Install/Upgrade Troubleshooting and Error Messages

This blog post is the final in a series of posts on upgrading to SCSM 2016 and covers some of the general troubleshooting steps and errors that might occurring during the upgrade.

The previous posts:


General Troubleshooting Steps

This Microsoft page is a good starting point for troubleshooting upgrade failures. It provides general background and troubleshooting steps.

Identify and resolve System Center 2016 – Service Manager upgrade problems

  • Failure occurs during a prerequisite check
  • Failure occurs during predicted checks
  • Failure occurs in an unpredictable manner before permanent changes are made to the Management Server
  • Failure occurs in an unpredictable manner after permanent changes are made to the Management Server
  • Failure occurs in an unpredictable manner after permanent changes are made to a database
  • Upgrade fails as a result of the Configuration service startup timing-out
  • Work around configuration service startup issues after a failed upgrade



Activating Service Manager 2016 Evaluation to full license

This is not exactly an error as such, but it has caught a few people out before and is not possible in SCSM 2012 or SCSM 2016.

These links below cover the issue. I am assuming it has not changed in SCSM 2016.

From the posts above there are 3 options:

  1. The official response which is start again. Export of all management packs, reinstall and then import management packs will get the base system back, but lose all data.
    To minimize the data lose, look at options to export all jobs. This is a big task and you will need to make decisions about what data you need, what to do about things like user and analyst comments, the history data.
  2. You can call Microsoft support and they may be able to convert the license in a supported way.
  3. You can try some of the hacks in the links above, but this may not be supported by Microsoft and may not work in SCSM 2016. I would not advise this on a Production system.



Error 1: SCSM 2012 version of Management Pack

Could not load type…
Application: System Center Service manager
Severity: Error
Message: Could not load type
Microsoft.EnterpriseManagemnt.UI.Core.Connection.IManagementGroupSession from assembly Microsoft.EnterpriseManagemnt.UI.Core. Version-7.0.5000.0

Possible Solution: As SCSM 2016 has moved some of the elements internally and now uses .Net Framework 4.5.1, third party management packs will need to be updated for SCSM 2016. This error can occur when in this situation.

Unfortunately, this is also a very generic error and can happen for other reasons as well.



Error 2: Console Error if you do not upgrade the client to SCSM 2016

Application: Service Manager
Application Version: 7.5.3079.571
Severity: Error
Message: An error was encountered while running the Service Manager Console. The console will now close.

Possible Solution: This error can occur when you have a Service Manager 2012 console trying to connect to a Service Manager 2016 back end. Upgrade the console to the SCSM 2016 version.



Error 3: Data Warehouse Installation Error  PopulateUserRoles

In the forums there have been a few posts about PopulateUserRole errors when installing Service Manager.

Snippet 1

PopulatingUserRoles: Populating user roles for Data warehouse
PopulatingUserRoles error: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException : The security ID structure is invalid.
NOTE: custom action _PopulateUserRoles unexpectedly closed the hInstall handle (type MSIHANDLE) provided to it. The custom action should be fixed to not close that handle.
CustomAction _PopulateUserRoles returned actual error code 1603
Assembly Install: Failing with hr=80070005 at RemoveDirectoryAndChildren

Possible Solution: Check the SQL versions – a mismatch between the Reporting Instance and the Database engine can cause this


Snippet 2

Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\Windows\Installer\MSID926.tmp, Entrypoint: PopulateUserRoles
CAPACK: Extracting custom action to temporary directory: C:\Windows\Installer\MSID926.tmp-\

Possible Solution: In this case the ServiceManager.ServiceCatalog.GenericIncidentRequest Management Pack had been deleted. Once restored the install could complete.


Snippet 3

Service Manager Setup Wizard Error Message (Import Management Packs)
An error occurred while executing a custom action:_PopulateUserRoles
This upgrade attempt has failed before permanent modifications were made. Upgrade has successfully rolled back to the original state of the system. Once the correction are made, you can retry upgrade for this role.

PopulatingUserRoles: Populating user roles for SM Server

PopulatingUserRoles error: System.UnauthorizedAccessException : Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))

Possible Solution:  This seems to be permissions related and using a Domain Admin account to install SCSM seems to fix it. If that is not a option check the Local Administrator privileges, the SQL database privileges. Maybe try the install in administrator mode (ie right click run as admin).
Any interim step would be to increase the SQL permissions to SA to see if that solves the issue.


Error 4: Installing Management Server – Not a valid Active Directory group or user

Installing a second Management Server and on the connecting to Service Management Group page the wizard throws an error “User is not a valid Active Directory group or user: when specifying the Management Group Administrators.

Solution: Caused by an issue with the DSN suffix. If the DNS suffix for the domain is not listed in the search order on the server, the installer will not be able to locate the user/group in AD, and thus throw this error.

Also maybe the case if the group used does not exist.

See original blog by Christopher Mank for the full details


Error 5:  Custom Tasks Crashing after Upgrade

Anders Asp posted a blog on custom tasks crashing after upgrading to SCSM 2016. The xml conversion was not converting “&” characters correctly in the task management pack. If do the conversion yourself ie &amp, the tasks would run correctly. Check out his blog post for more detail: Tasks Crashing after upgrade.



This blog post is the final in a series of posts on upgrading to SCSM 2016:




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