SMLets Powershell version of SCSM Exchange Connector

Adam Dzyacky created an Exchange Connector based on SMLets PowerShell. He first posted about it on the Cireson Community discussion board and has posted the files to GitHub and they can be downloaded here.

I have not personally tried the PowerShell Script, but it might be an alternative if the Exchange Connector is not working in your environment.

From Adam’s post:

“The stock Exchange Connector is a seperate download for SCSM 2012+ that enables SCSM deployments to leverage an Exchange mailbox to process updates to work items. While incredibly useful, some feel limited by the lack of customization given its nature as a sealed management pack. This PowerShell script replicates all functionality of Exchange Connector 3.1introduces several new features, and enables SCSM Administrators to further customize the solution to their needs.”

A great contribution from Adam.



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