Microsoft Service Manager Self-Service Portal – (SCSM) HTML5 Customizations

The SCSM HTML 5 portal has been out for some time now and this blog post is a collection of links to customizations that have been made to the HTML 5 portal. Continue reading


Part 4: Service Manager 2016 Install/Upgrade Troubleshooting and Error Messages

This blog post is the final in a series of posts on upgrading to SCSM 2016 and covers some of the general troubleshooting steps and errors that might occurring during the upgrade. Continue reading

Part 1: Upgrading to Service Manager 2016 – Getting Ready

Upgrading to System Center Service Manager 2012 to System Center Service Manager 2016 is something most of us are facing now that 2012 has gone out of mainstream support. The process is fairly simple, with the biggest hurdle generally being all the customization’s that have been made. Continue reading