SCSM Essential Admin Tools

There are a lot of tools out there for Service Manager as seen on the two posts Commercial apps and Free Apps. This post is about which free apps I use on a daily or weekly basis and find the most useful.

It is a personal opinion and I am sure there are others out there that I don’t use, but are just as good.They are not in any particular order and hopefully I will be able to give some of them a future full post on using them.


1.  PowerShell and SMLets

PowerShell is create for automating processes and for fixing data in Service Manager. The default PowerShell commandlets that come with Service Manger are a bit lacking and SMLets fills this gap. I usually always load SMLets and assume that they are available when writing any scripts for Service Manager.

2.  SCSM Entity Explorer 

This is a great way to see what classes, relationships etc are being used in Service Manager. It lets you look at the data on an object and work out how it is class and what relationships it uses. Working with PowerShell or extending Service Manager you always need to work out how objects relate and where they are stored.

3.  Itetx Advanced View Editor (free)

The out of the box view editor is lacking in a number of ways and as a result there are a few commercial offerings. The itnetx Advanced View Editor is a free cut down version of their commercial offering. It makes view editing a lot easier. Having edited the XML directly in the management pack, the commercial versions are worth it and this is a good compromise for those on a budget.


4.  Itnetx Clone User Role 

This is very helpful when dealing with Security roles in Service Manager. Setting up roles is a pain and it is very annoying that they cannot be copied from one environment to another. But this at least makes it easier within an SCSM instance, allowing you to copy one role and then make changes to it.


5.  Itnetx Email Tester 

When creating HTML email notification templates, it is always a bit surprising what the output can look like. Rather than having to trigger a subscription, the Email Tester will allow you to test a template against a work item and see what the result is. This speeds up development of email templates and results in less errors in the templates.


6.  Cireson Auto Close  

A great little app for closing workitems. As you know an object usually goes into a resolved or completed state before being closed. The auto close automates the process of closing a job after a number of days.


7.  SCSM Authoring Tool 

–  System Center 2012 R2 Service Manager Authoring Tool
–  System Center 2016 Service Manager Authoring Tool
At some point you will need to extend a class or edit a form. The Authoring Tool for all its faults is the easiest way to do this. On Technet Gallery there are a couple of guides on how to use the Authoring Tool.
–  Guide: SCSM – Extending Work Items to Add Custom Properties 
–  Guide: SCSM Authoring Tool – Form Layout Guide


8.  SCSM Data Warehouse Schema

When it comes to reporting the schema is very useful in working out where the data is being stored and how the tables, views etc relate to each other. It is for SCSM 2012 but still applies to SCSM 2016.


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