SCSM Free Tools

This is a list of free tools from Technet Gallery and community editions (or free tools) from third party Service Manager vendors. The list may not be complete and items may change over time.

Technet Gallery

Technet GalleryTechnet Gallery there are a ton of resources available.  At the time of writing the Top 10 Downloads were:

  1. SCSM CSV Import Wizard: create the XML format file that is needed to use the CSV Connector by providing an easy to use GUI
  2. Test Lab Guide System Center Service Manager 2012 SP1:

    contains instructions for setting up a test lab based on the SC Service Manager 2012 SP1

  3. Service Manager Data Warehouse Architecture Diagram:

    Visio diagram shows the various connectors, ETL jobs, and databases involved in the Service Manager data warehouse

  4. Advanced View Editor 2.0 for SCSM 2012 Free Edition: Advanced View Editor is a tool for taking off limitations of the build-in SCSM editor

  5. PowerShell Script to Run ETL and Cube Processing in Sequence: will run each of the ETL (Extract-SM, Extract-DW, Transform, Load) jobs for the data warehouse in sequence and then the Deployment and Cube Processing Jobs
  6. Using Excel to create SCSM 2012 Custom Reports:

    custom report by using the OLAP data cubes with excel

  7. Sample SCSM Report Queries:This .sql file contains sample queries for learning how to query the DWDataMart database to author reports
  8. Workflow Performance Troubleshooting Queries: query for the current status of subscription workflows
  9. Create Incident from Service Request and copy various attributes:

    copy an existing Incident in Service Manager 2012 and create a new Service Request copying various attributes.

  10. SCSM Entity Explorer: browse and get information about the classes and objects stored in the SCSM database.


3rd Party Free Apps

There are a lot of third-party apps out there for Service Manager and many provide free apps or cut down versions of the commercial version.  This list is not authoritative, but is what I have been able to find so far:


Xapity Free Tools

  1. Xapity Attachments: a better way to manage file attachments on all major SCSM Work Items. Add, remove or open the attachments . Supports Templates.
  2. Xapity Current Activity displays the current In Progress Activity on Change, Release and Service Request workflows quickly and easily from a simple Console Task.
  3. Xapity User History: displays the Incident and Service Request History for the Affected User.


Signature Consultancy Free

  1. Free SCSM 2012 Dashboard: performance with numerous charts, metrics and analytics


SCUtils Free

  1. SCUtils Apply Template Free:  reapply a template to an existing work item as well as to a new one
  2. SCUtils AssignToMe Manual Activity Free: assign manual activities to yourself and supports a multi-select feature
  3. SCUtils DWMPCreator Free:  automate  creating XML files and seal them to be able to access DW information
  4. SCUtils FileAttachment Free:  allows downloading a file attachment using a direct link (URL) from the SharePoint-based Service Manager self-service portal
  5. SCUtils Monitoring for APC UPS: a solution that helps managing APC Smart-UPSTM series


Provance Free

Provided as a free  Essentials Pack

  1. Analytics and Dashboards. A community edition introducing the analytic and dashboard application included with The Suite.
  2. Auto-Close. Allows you to automatically discover and close various work items in Microsoft System Center Service Manager.
  3. Billable Time. Record the amount of time your analysts have worked on Service Requests, Change Requests, Release Records and Manual Activities.
  4. Clone User Roles. With just a single task clone an existing Service Manager user role and copy all settings to a new user role.
  5. Entity Explorer. Browse and get information about the classes, relationships and objects stored in the Service Manager database.
  6. PowerForm. Lets you start creating a work item and documenting details of a call before you know if it’s an Incident or a Service Request.
  7. ScsmPx. An open source PowerShell module that  includes over 100 complementary commands to allow you to do much more with your PowerShell automation efforts.
  8. Send Mail. Lets analysts send information or ask questions by e-mail about requests they are working on directly from the  Service Manager console.
  9. SOS Outlook Plugin. Create incidents and service requests and check their status directly from Microsoft Outlook.


itnetx Free

  1. Advanced View Editor for SCSM Free: define advanced criteria, have custom column names, define icons for views and folders
  2. Advanced Console Search for SCSM: save search queries they created in the SCSM console
  3. Billable Time for SCSM: allows analysts to record the time they spend working with tickets directly to the appropriate work items
  4. Clone User Role for SCSM Free: clone any user role that you have created in Service Manager.
  5. Email Template Tester for SCSM: verify the functionality of notification templates created in Service Manager
  6. Entity Explorer for SCSM: browse the Service Manager class model and get information about classes, relationships, enumerations and objects in the CMDB
  7. MPB Maker for SCSM: helps creating management pack bundles (.mpb files)
  8. Send Mail for SCSM Free: send emails such as questions or informational messages about requests they are working on.
  9. Update Transfer for SCCM: export and import “Software Update Groups


Expit Free

  1. Expit S.O.S. Community Edition: platform for the end users to interact with Microsoft System Center Service Manager through the Outlook console
  2. Expit EnSight Community Edition: Analysis and monitoring platform for events in Service Manager, tailored for IT managers and NOC facilities.


Cierson Free Community Apps

  1. Action Log Notify: notifying the assigned to analyst and affected user when comments are added
  2. Advanced Send Email: allows an analyst to send an email to the Affected User or other recipients
  3. Auto Close: automatically close work items on a specified day and time
  4. Configuration Manager Ticker: Configuration Manager admins to easily create, and deliver, announcements from the Configuration Manager Console
  5. Notify Analyst Free: configure all work items to automatically send e-mail notifications to an Analyst
  6. Remote Mange: toolbox of common remote functionalities needed by an analyst
  7. Service Desk Ticker:  create an announcement within Service Manager and send them directly to an employee’s computer in real time
  8. Time Tracker:  enables an analyst to record the amount of time spent working on other types of work items
  9. Self-Service Portal:  for end users is a complete replacement of the Microsoft Self-Service Portal for Service Manager.


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